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Since the 1930s, savvy manufacturers and designers have been driving a technical explosion in plastics, and today there are over 30 product families and literally thousands of individual grades, from the familiar to the exotic. Much of this growth has come with the large-scale switch from metal to plastics, and with good reason.

  • Almost unlimited design freedom

  • Welcoming, user-friendly colors and surfaces

  • Inherent rust and corrosion resistance

  • Parts consolidation

  • Electrical and thermal insulation at no extra cost

  • Light weight

  • Functional additives such as biocides, odorants, and lubricants are easily “built in”

  • Electrical and thermal conductivity can be precisely tailored to the application

  • Many products can be manufactured in a single step

  • Easy, low-cost assembly and fabrication

But switching from metal to plastic should be done with care. With all its advantages, plastic may not be the best choice.

  • Metal is stiffer at equivalent thickness

  • Metal is naturally conductive, both electrically and thermally

  • Metal provides inherent radio and magnetic shielding

  • Metal provides low-cost resistance to high temperatures

What this all means is that switching from metal to plastic should start with an in-depth analysis of what the product is designed to do. Simply replacing a metal part with an identical plastic part fails to take advantage of plastic’s enormous versatility. Think in terms of possibilities. Ask the right questions. Measure the costs and benefits. Chances are, you’ll make the switch.

Increased Demand for Custom Molds

Demand for Pittsfield Plastics’ custom molding services, particularly for its large press capabilities (500 ton and 700 ton), is growing. President/CEO Tom Walker said improvements in the residential and commercial building markets (for products such as electrical and communications wire and cable) and for the medical device market (custom plastic parts) account for some of the increase.

News from the Ground Floor


Pittsfield Plastics underwent a major plant upgrade recently. A shiny new floor, which involved grinding the old floor down until they got to the base level, then adding a glossy new protective coating, contributed to a cleaner, more efficient and even safer plant. The walls also got a new coat of paint.

Pittsfield Plastics at Interwire 2013

Visit us in Atlanta for Interwire 2013. You can find us at booth 664 from Tuesday, April 23rd through Thursday, April 25th. Learn about our latest plastic spools and reels or any custom plastic parts needs. We look forward to seeing you.

An Addition and An Upgrade

Pittsfield Plastics added a robot to pick “runners” out of the production line on a 300-ton injection molding press. The robot picks parts out of the line, supporting manufacturing employees as they meet customer demand and ship product out on time every time. The company eventually plans to add larger robots that will pull parts off the press and stack them on pallets and will steadily add more robots to its production process to help employees and facilitate continued sales growth.

Pittsfield Plastics’ slicer got an upgrade so it can cut larger barrel sizes many customers want: it can now cut up to an 8″ inside diameter barrel. Call to learn more — 413-442-0067.

Seeking experienced sales reps: Great opportunity!

Seeking experienced, motivated sales reps for Pittsfield Plastics. You’ll market Pittsfield Plastics product lines and represent our full-service custom molding and extrusion services. Ideally, reps will have experience in the wire and cable and textile industries. Growing company… great opportunity for strong sales pros. Most territories available (Chicago, Midwest, CA, TX, AZ, more).
Email: today.

Cover Story

A Plastics Technology editor recently visited the company’s headquarters to learn more about us. Now, we are grateful to be on the cover of Plastics Technology magazine. The article discusses our history and foray into extrusion. There are also quite a few great photos.

David Chiorgno, Pittsfield Plastics founder

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Pittsfield Plastics founder David Chiorgno. In 1968, together with his wife Dorothy (“Honey”) and business partner Richard Sible, David established Pittsfield Plastics Engineering.

Reeling: Pittsfield Plastics Offers Expanded Reels Line

Pittsfield Plastics recently diversified its line of plastic spools and reels, adding 14”, 16”, 18”, and 20” plastic spools and reels because of demand for them for use with rope, insulated wire, cord, and more. Other applications for the spool family are coaxial cable, speaker wire, THHN wire, CATV wire, hose, tubing, and chain.

5 Wire Reels

New line of plastic reels and spools