Plastic Spools, Wire Reels and Plastic Cores

Pittsfield Plastics: ISO 9001:2008 certified injection molder, extruder and mold maker striving to exceed customers’ expectations

Pittsfield Plastics Injection Molding Company - Plastic Spools, Wire Reels and Plastic Cores

Design and Construction

Custom plastic mold design and construction requires experts. Pittsfield Plastics’ complete tool room, staffed by highly trained tool makers, manufactures a mold developed thru the process of integrated Product Design.

Rapid prototyping and computer-aided mold design:

There are several steps in the design of the mold.

Tool design:

Our tooling engineers design the tool, defining the critical aspects such as mechanical action, ejection, manifold design, and runner system.

Multi source tooling options:

We can source your custom mold tool in our own shop in Pittsfield, MA for an American-made product. Or we can source your tool in the Far East or Eastern Europe.

Maintenance of the tool:

Pittsfield Plastics Engineering maintains all tools for its customers. It assures tools will be securely stored and production-ready.

Eight part injection mold