Plastic Spools, Wire Reels and Plastic Cores

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Plastic Cores and Tubes

CuttingCustom Plastic Cores and Tubes

Plastics Extrusion Company, a division of Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, provides precision cores extruded on precise, quality extruders, using precision vacuum forming.

We deliver high tolerance inside diameter, outside diameter and high tolerance wall thickness. We hold precise lengths using precise secondary slitting equipment.

Plastic core tube parameters:

  • Diameters up to 6.0″Inside Plastic Extruder machine
  • Wall thickness from .050″ to 1″
  • Precision length +/- .005″ up to 29.5″

Plastics Extrusion Company customizes plastic core tubes to meet size, material and length requirement(s). Common plastic core tube sizes extruded at Plastics Extrusion Company, made primarily from a High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) are as follows:

  • 1.00″ O.D. x 0.950″ I.D. x .050″ wall thicknessColored Tubes
  • 1.875″ O.D. x 1.755″ I.D. x .060″ wall thickness
  • 3.100″ O.D. x 2.875″ I.D. x .100″ wall thickness
  • 3.500″ O.D. x 3.000″ I.D. x .250″ wall thickness
  • 5.000″ O.D. x 4.820″ I.D. x .090″ wall thickness
  • 5.929″ O.D. x 5.725″ I.D. x .102″ wall thickness

Plastics Extrusion Company offers precision slicing, CNC machining, precision punching, screen printing, and sonic welding.Extruder Close-Up

Some applications for which customers use our cores and tubes include plumber tape, business machines tape and precision paper cores, utility spools, thread take-up cores, dental floss, and precision paper cores for business machines.

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