Plastic Spools, Wire Reels and Plastic Cores

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Pittsfield Plastics Injection Molding Company - Plastic Spools, Wire Reels and Plastic Cores

Extruded Profiles

Plastics Extrusion Company, a division of Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, provides each customer with a team of experts for their plastic extrusion needs. Our team has the know-how and ability to manufacture almost any extruded plastic commodity thermoplastic compound. These includ  ABS, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and HIPS – just to name a few.

Plastic Extruded Profiles Parameters:Extruded Profiles - 2

  • Wall thickness from .030″ to heavy wall
  • Tolerances to ± .010″
  • Preferred design, triangle, round, square, U-Channel, L-Channel

Sample plastic extruded profile applications:

  • Cement pole protectors
  • BumpersExtruder Machine
  • Packaging
  • Tape cores
  • T-Dividers
  • Electrical protection devices

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