Plastic Spools, Wire Reels and Plastic Cores

Pittsfield Plastics: ISO 9001:2008 certified injection molder, extruder and mold maker striving to exceed customers’ expectations

Pittsfield Plastics Injection Molding Company - Plastic Spools, Wire Reels and Plastic Cores


Pittsfield Plastics often has news and updates worthy of attention in the trade press and local media. Here in this section of the site, we provide access to press releases issued, articles and other news coverage we have, images for use by the press in features about Pittsfield Plastics, and contact information to reach our media relations firm. We are pleased to respond to press inquiries.

About Us

Pittsfield Plastics Engineering is an industry-leading injection molder, extruder and mold maker striving to exceed customers’ expectations. Pittsfield Plastics is housed in an updated 80,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, with over three dozen pieces of high-end production equipment for all aspects of plastics injection molding, custom molding, extrusion and more. The company is based in the “Plastics Capital of North America” – Pittsfield, Massachusetts – an area with a high concentration of technology, resources and employee training. David and Dorothy Chiorgno opened Pittsfield Plastics in 1968. Pittsfield Plastics has grown and expanded to meet customer needs and respond to opportunities, now offering not only spools, reels, cores, cones, and bobbins, but also extensive custom molding, injection molding, and plastic extrusion services to customers throughout and beyond the Americas. Today, Pittsfield Plastics’ ownership is a strategic alliance of principals Tom Walker and Dave Chiorgno. Pittsfield Plastics is positioned as a key supplier to the wire, cable and textile industries, as well as other manufacturing companies with custom molding, injection molding or plastic extrusion requirements.