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Breakdown Reels

Plastic Breakdown Reels - Assembled and Disassembled

So good, they’re PATENTED

In your business, saving money is the name of the game. Here’s how we can help with our breakdown reels:


These utility reels can be shipped to you unassembled to save on freight costs. We can ship over THREE TIMES the number of these reels to you as compared to assembled reels.

These plastic reels are fast and easy to assemble manually at your facility — no tools needed!


You ship product to the end user and they can disassemble the reel (again, it’s easy with no tools needed!) and ship them back to you for reuse.

Reel options:

  • 14″ or 16″ flanges with 5″ diameter barrels
  • Any traverse length

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Remember, our Breakdown Reels offer:

  • Savings for YOU
  • Savings for your customer
  • A GREEN approach!