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A Plastics Technology editor recently visited the company’s headquarters to learn more about us. Now, we are grateful to be on the cover of Plastics Technology magazine. The article discusses our history and foray into extrusion. There are also quite a few great photos.

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Reeling: Pittsfield Plastics Offers Expanded Reels Line

Pittsfield Plastics recently diversified its line of plastic spools and reels, adding 14”, 16”, 18”, and 20” plastic spools and reels because of demand for them for use with rope, insulated wire, cord, and more. Other applications for the spool family are coaxial cable, speaker wire, THHN wire, CATV wire, hose, tubing, and chain. [...]

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Plastic cores, plastic bobbins, Wire Expo, here we come.

Pittsfield Plastics' team looks forward to seeing you at Wire Expo on the 22nd and 23rd. See us to discuss anything you need: plastic cores, plastic bobbins, custom plastic parts, plastic fine wire spools, plastic extrusion – and a whole lot more. We've broadened our manufacturing capabilities to meet your needs better than ever.

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Plastics industry adapts, grows

The article discusses Pittsfield’s history in the plastics industry and mentions Pittsfield Plastics as one of the industry’s current, local leaders. Additionally, the piece covers several high-tech, niche plastics companies (The Berkshire Plastics Network estimates there are about 40 within Berkshire County) that have expanded in the last few years.

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Pittsfield Plastics Appears on YNN

As a successful Berkshires company, Pittsfield Plastics was interviewed by Albany-based YNN about its need for more skilled labor and its growth, which stands at 5 and 10 percent per year.

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